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You know your subject inside out and it can be hard when you need to adapt this to an international audience if they speak a different language. Let’s face it, for all the progress it has made, you know Google Translate just can’t quite cut it but you still want to get your message across to the English-speaking world.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find someone who understands these concerns? Someone with a passion for research, who takes their time to understand your aims. and create target texts that flow and sound authentic to native speakers​?

Well, you can stop looking. I’m Lisa, and with 13 years’ experience working as a French and Spanish > English translator, I know I can help you achieve these goals.

What I Do



It’s only natural for people to gravitate towards their mother tongue. The reader feels more confident in their understanding of what is in front of them and with a good translation nobody can tell it’s not the original. From magazine articles and reports to blog posts and website content, I translate French and Spanish texts into English that reads as good as (if not better than!) the original.
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While you might know your it’s from its and their from there, finding more subtle mistakes buried deep within your own work can often prove challenging. With an ever-increasing amount of communication in written form, if a mistake slips though, readers and customers can lose confidence in you and your business. Hiring a proofreader can put your mind at ease that your text is as good as it deserves to be.
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A fully qualified French and Spanish teacher based in the south of Edinburgh, I focus on increasing my students’ confidence and nurturing the belief that they can communicate effectively in the foreign language.
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About Me

My passion for languages is what drives me. There is the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when putting someone else’s words from either French or Spanish into my native tongue. The Danes might call it “hygge”. It is where I am found at my happiest. Then there is the thrill of the research. Be it discovering a new word, delving into the past of someone otherwise unknown to me or finding out more about the culture of countries all across the world, languages give me the opportunity to do this.

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